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Little Man Bun: BIOGRAPHY

Height: 43"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Shirt Size: 6

Shorts/Pants Size: 5T

Likes: Pizza, Learning to read, playing Osmo,  Minecraft and a few other games, watching KidsTube, playing with blocks, wearing fashionable hats and hair accessories, dressing "cool" (pjs are my preference) Nerfing around, and so much more.

Dislikes: Going to bed, eating green vegetables, cleaning my room, batteries going dead, shall we go on?

Hello! I’m Micah, I am the kiddo behind “LittleManBun!”

I get mistaken as a little girl all the time, but my reply is simple, "it's called a Man Bun" but in my case, a "Little Man Bun!"

So my story goes like this…  my parents, Brian and Heather aka mommy and daddy, let my hair grow somewhat long to start with, then one day mommy was watching a video on social media of another kid growing his hair out to donate to children with cancer. That is all it took, I knew that is what I wanted to do and I told mommy and daddy just that. I want my hair long and do what that little boy did. I wanted to help other children with hair loss. I support the 501 program called "Children with Hair Loss"


Here is where we get to the “little man bun” part of the story, to keep my hair out of my face, out of my food and more manageable for my little kid lifestyle, mommy pulls it up in either a “pony boy” aka ponytail but mostly in a “little man bun” aka man bun!


So here I am rocking the “Little Man Bun,” until hair cut day to which I have informed my parents it starts over again!  

Mommy and daddy are also helping me learn to love the neighbor through actions and not just words. 

Like other kids, I love toys and using my imagination or creativity to play and learn. I love trying out new things, new toys and give an honest review from the stand point of a child. My mommy also likes to give her side of the review.

If you have a product you would like for me to try and give an honest review (mommy and daddy too) please contact them through email at: littlemanbun@gmail.com.

Also, if you have any modeling or acting opportunities you would like to include me in, you can contact them through the same email address! After all, the more public knowledge and support I can get for being a little boy with long hair on a mission helps to stop bullying among those who have a negative comment or statement about boys with long hair! 

To the child who will one day wear my hair, it's "our hair" and you totally rock! Stay positive, and be happy!


Need Specs?

Contact Mommy or Daddy at littlemanbun@gmail.com

Hello! We are Littemanbun's parents Brian and Heather Dixon, aka Mommy and Daddy!

Our Bio's are not so short, even longer when you put the two together, so lets keep it short and sweet!

Micah is the youngest of four siblings, two of which are adult siblings with their own families! Micah is our surprise child, and what a surprise he has been. We are doing our best to teach Micah to love thy neighbor through actions and not just words. One way that he has chosen to show love for thy neighbor is by growing his hair long to donate.  While we are working on other ways to show and express loving neighbors, Micah also enjoys testing products and writing his own version of reviews. 

If you would like Micah and us to try out your product and write a review, or if you want to be featured on his videos, please contact us at: littlemanbun@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest and support as Micah aka LittleManBun learns just what it means to "Love thy Neighbor!"

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