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Strictly Fun with Strictly Briks™ (part 1)

February 9, 2018

Mommy: So, Micah what are you playing with?


Micah: Stirctly Briks


Mommy: which ones, the Big Briks or the Small Briks?


Micah: Both


Mommy: how so Micah?


Micah: the small ones can build on the big ones like LEGOs do.


Mommy: Are those LEGO blocks you are using too? (Referring to the LEGO windows Micah was using to build.)


Micah: Yes, they work too mommy. Shhhh… Don’t tell!


Mommy: Which one is your favorite?


Micah: The trap boards, cause you can go up and down them and they stack on top of each other, watch mommy!


Mommy: That’s cool Micah.


Micah: This is the house with a closet, and this is the road in front of the house. I have to make the garage next.


Mommy: That sounds like fun Micah.


Micah: it is, come play with me.


Mommy: What did you think of the AlphaBriks?


Micah: is that the ones I practice my spelling words with?


Mommy: it sure is. Was it fun practicing with?


Micah: yes, I got them all right.


Mommy: I know! Great job Micah! Should we use it for next weeks too?


Micah: yes because I will make a 100 on all my spelling test.


Micah: Hey Friends, Check out Strictly Briks® at: www.strictlybriks.com








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