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Strictly Fun with Strictly Briks™ (part 2)

February 9, 2018

It is always a pleasure to be chosen to review products for companies, and this time we were selected to review several products through Tryazon’s Tryabox program for Strictly Briks™.


Upon hearing we were selected, Micah was just ecstatic and constantly asking if his package had arrived. So, when we received the box, Micah could not wait to get the box open.


The box contained Big Briks Blue Trap and Gap, Bag of Big Briks, Bag of Small Briks, Flat Bottom Baseplates – Space Colors 4 pack, Trap and Gap™ Baseplates, and AlphaBriks.


We started off opening the Big Briks items and Micah enjoyed checking out and learning how the “traps” on the Big Brik Baseplate worked. Using the Big Briks to build buildings, he grabbed his toy cars and started playing in his own imaginary world.  Here is what Micah had to say, “These are awesome, because you can build large buildings and the cars can go up and down the traps to other levels.”

Here are my individual reviews for the Big Briks Blue Trap and Gap and Big Briks.


Big Briks™ Trap and Gap Review:

Our son loves to play with building blocks, and Strictly Briks® has designed a large baseplate that is just perfect for him to use and play with. They are compatible with the larger name brands such as LEGO, DUPLO, and Mega Blocks. Strictly Briks® scored big time with our son on this baseplate because of the ramps, he pretends to build these large city buildings and his cars have exit ramps. We just love how his imagination can design the most elaborate things with Strictly Briks™ Big Briks Trap and Gap!


Big Briks™ Review:

These Big  briks, were a fabulous addition to the DUPLO blocks we already had and work perfectly with the Big Brik Baseplates. The bag contained a great selection of color briks and a wide variety of sizes. Our son is able to build whatever his creativity comes up with at that moment. These are compatible with other brands and are very affordable.


After playing with the Big Brik sets, Micah was ready to move on to the smaller Strictly Briks™. The Tryabox contained the following sets: Trap and Gap™ Baseplates, Bag of Small Briks, and the Flat Bottom Baseplates.


When Micah got the smaller briks opened, it was like opening his imagination to a world of parking decks and shopping mall. He ran and grabbed a few of his cars and started building.


The Trap and Gap™ set has connectors to use to level the baseplates so that the traps can drop down for play. I only wish the set contained more connectors so to steady the center of the levels better. The Flat Bottom Baseplates are great for building things on and being able to move around with ease. The smaller brik bag contained a variety of sizes and colors to be used in free play, and Micah did just that. There was no set directions or ideal finished product, just his creativity and imagination to build the wildest of creations he could image.


Here are my individual reviews for Trap and Gap™ Baseplates, Bag of Small Briks, and the Flat Bottom Baseplates.


Trap and Gap™ Baseplates: These 10 x 10 baseplates are sturdy with 2 of the plates having trap doors that my five year thinks are the greatest invention. He loves building parking lots and using his cars to go up and down the ramps. The pillars are great to help stack, but could use more to have a sturdier play area. He loves being able to add sections to the sides to build houses on. Overall, we are greatly satisfied with these, and will be purchasing more briks! Also note, that these are compatible with other brands of blocks.









Flat Bottom Baseplates – Space Colors 4 :

Our five year old loves building with these baseplates. They are the perfect size for his table, and he enjoys stacking them to create different levels to play with his LEGO figures on. Which is an added plus they are so compatible with other brands! Strictly Briks™ are so well made and prices very affordable.


Bag of Small Briks:

These high quality briks, were perfect to go with the baseplates my son has to play with. Great selection color of briks and a wide variety of sizes, he is able to build whatever his imagination dreams of. Might I add that they are very compatible with other brands and priced very affordable.



Having older siblings, Micah has been playing with the smaller blocks since he was three. Combining the larger and smaller blocks is something that happens a good bit here at the Dixon household.  He creates some of the most creative and imaginative “things” from both smaller and larger bricks. We have been in a band with block guitars, we have flown around in abnormal cars, trucks and trains that have “unique” abilities, talked on cell phones that have built in selfie sticks, and walked around buildings that only the most creative architects could only dream about! 

The final product by Strictly Briks for review was the AlphaBriks™, which are my favorite of the entire box!  These are fabulous to add in that extra educational time by making it fun! We used them to create spelling practice and test, to work on sight words, and build simple sentences. To our little five year, this made working on school work more like a game and no headache to this mommy! He even used it to create a “Cover” for his @littlemanbun page.


Here is the individual review written for other pages:



Sight words and learning to spell have never been so much fun, until now! AlphaBriks™ is a great way to take a “not so fun” teaching moment and turn it into something exciting. Our five-year-old son, can not wait to get home and sit down with AlphaBriks™ and spell out his weekly spelling words. The letters are very easy to snap on and off the baseplate, even for our little man. The AlphaBriks™ product comes with a 10’ x 10’ Baseplate, 100 - 2x2 Letter Briks, and a little bag to store all the Letter Briks in, so you don’t lose any. What a fabulous teaching resource. Strictly Briks® definitely brought an innovated and educational product to the table and out done themselves! Thanks Strictly Briks® for making teaching a whole lot easier and FUN!


Overall we would rate Strictly Briks® with 5 Buns! Highly recommend them to our friends and family, and would strongly urge parents to add the AlphaBriks to their educational items at home to help create a fun learning experience.


You can purchase Strictly Briks™ online at: strictlybriks.com or on Amazon.com.



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