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E-cloth: Nothing Dirty About It!

July 1, 2018


Just like they say, “an e-cloth is not just another microfiber cloth.”  Never hearing of the company until hosting a product party, some research on the product was a must, and instead of believing everything written about the products, it was time to put them to the test!


First off it was party time!

We invited a variety of guest, some came out to check out the products and some were unable to make it. (Let me tell you, they are the ones who missed out!) Guest who attended, were able to check out a variety of the products that the company had selected. The table was covered with a variety of ecloths that could be used on the floor, in the kitchen, on autos, in the bathrooms, in all areas of the house; they even sent a product to use for pets.


Guest touched and tested, learned what each item was used for, checked out the company’s website and put them to the test. I don’t think there was a single item that our guest did not like. The guys were more concerned with how effectively the products worked on cleaning their autos, while the women wanted to know just how effective they would be in the kitchen clean up to make their lives easier.


Each guest left with a sample and a 20% off coupon.


Then the moment little man bun and I had been waiting for… with dust thick, a sink full of dishes, grime covered pet bowls, we set out to give these products a full try of ability, durability, cleanliness, and deep clean the house.


My favorite of all being, well it’s a tie; the Classic Dish Towel and the Dusting Glove:


Let’s take a look at a few basic products and my review of them: (you might ask about Little Man Bun’s review, well he didn’t last long. Found him asleep on the sofa when the floor was finished.)


Classic Dish Towel: It’s about time that someone made a towel that can absorb all the water on the first dry and leave them streak/grease free! Check it out here.


High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Glove: Where has this item been my whole life? This glove makes dusting so much easier, especially in areas you typically can not get very easy. It actually holds the dust and not just push it to the next area for cleaning. Dusting the fireplace mantel was so much easier, probably should buy another one for my other hand and get twice as much done! Check it out here.


Kitchen Cleaning (2 Cloths): I have been trying forever to find something that would clean the grease off the counter tops without smearing or having to wipe it down several times, and finally I have.  I have used it on my small appliances, counter tops, and even the kitchen table with great cleaning success on all. Check it out here.


General Purpose Cloth: The perfect clean everything cloth that leaves the surface streak and spot free with no chemicals; water only! No matter the cleaning job, it gets it done. Check it out here.


Glass & Polishing Cloth: A must have cloth for home and car! Keeping the bathroom mirror has always been a task with a little one brushing his teeth, until now. I keep one of these on the counter for a quick wipe after each brushing, and it does not smear on the mirror! Check it out here.


Stainless Steel Cleaning Pack: I purchased stainless steel pans, and had been unable to find anything good to clean them with. Let me tell you, I used these cloths on my pans and was very impressed with how well, quick they cleaned them and left them with a shine. Check it out here.


Pet Bowl Scrubber: Who hates to scrub the dogs food bowl, all the elbow grease you have to put into it? I use to, until I used the pet bowl scrubber and let me tell you how easy it came clean with just water. I was very impressed with even the shine that was left after cleaning the bowl. I will be purchasing more of these fabulous scrubbers, and highly recommend anyone with pets to add this to their cleaning bucket! Check it out here.


These chemical free cloths not only cleaned everything we used them on with no debris left behind, they also leave stainless steel, windows, mirrors, counter top, etc. with a shine and lint free!


What a fabulous product! They make products for babies, pets, auto and home. Check out all the products they offer and don’t just take their word for it, or mine for that matter, give them a try for yourself. We promise you will not be disappointed. Visit Ecloth at: www.ecloth.com


Note: Items were received for product testing from Tryazon.com for Ecloth.com. The reviews above are my opinions and not necessarily those of Tryazon or Ecloth. Reviews/blog above makes no guarantee or warranty on the products, or that you will have the same results on these products, as what was posted above in my reviews. 

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