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Light-up and Grow


Light-up Terrarium Kit by MiniExplorer was a gift from some special friends for my 6th Birthday, and I loved it!


Here is the Micah and Mommy review:


Mommy: Micah what do you think of the Light-up Terrarium?

Micah: it's Awesome!


Mommy: What makes it so Awesome?

Micah: Cause I got to put it together.


Mommy: Well what was your favorite part?

Micah: Putting the seeds in.


Mommy: Do you think the directions mommy read were easy?

Micah: Yes and No. Yes because you read them to me, no because I could not read them myself.


Mommy: Were the stickers easy to add?

Micah: yes they were more clingy than stickers, so when i messed up, we could fix it.


Mommy: I think we need to recommend that they are put on first or help from an adult, because if you are not careful you can mess up all the layers of the terrarium.

Micah: Great idea mommy!


Mommy: Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers about this product?

Micah: Be sure to spray it everyday, and enjoy your time putting it together.


Mommy: How would you rate this product?

Micah: little man bun APPROVED!



Mommy's Final Say:

Mommy always has a few final thoughts about the product, so here is what she has to say.


What a fun an educational item for a gift! It's a miniature tabletop garden, that is easy enough for a child to create. The product comes with a terrarium jar (approx. 4"x6"), a green light-up lid, a micro-USB charging cable, soil, blue sand, river rocks, wheatgrass and chia seeds, small bunny and mushroom miniatures, removable stickers for decoration, spray bottle, wooden stick and an easy step-by-step instruction booklet; as you can see in the above picture.


The terrarium jar is very well made out of a high quality, thin plastic, and the kit came with more than enough materials to make the terrarium with some leftovers to replenish it later down the road. It was easy enough for us to follow and for Little Man Bun to make the terrarium himself, as you see above. Gives the "planter/designer" freedom to layer the rocks, sand, soil, and stickers as they wish.


A fun, educational and great product, perfect to teach young children, and an excellent gift for someone. Special thanks Mrs. Tina and Mr. Chris for a fun and educational gift!


The "Light-up Terrarium Kit by MiniExplorer" can purchased online at Amazon. 


We rate this item: Little Man Bun APPROVED!


Have you purchased this item? What do you think?



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