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Let's Play with Pai!

July 30, 2018

It is always a pleasure being selected to work with such great companies such as Pai Technology and all their latest advancements in technology. We were selected as one of the 60 participants, by a company called Tryazon to host a "featured party" to share the wonderful educational products that Pai Technology has to offer. We were sent a variety of products, which included: Cube-tastic, Ocean Pets, Tj and the Beanstalk Book and Circuit Conductor to share and play with our guest at the "party."



We invited a large variety of parents from baseball, homeschool as well as family and friends over to take part in our "Play with Pai" ice cream party! Several showed with their children in hand to research and experience the products first hand. 



As guest arrived on our party date, we greeted everyone and served ice cream as it was a very hot day here in Georgia! So hot, that at one point we had to move the party inside as the iPad's and devices were overheating. (That is why there is such a variety of indoor and outdoor images.) After a demonstration of the products, guest were able to explore each of the products and their accompanying App. (each one of the products require the app; that do not require wifi or data once they are downloaded.)


Let's take a look a little more in-depth of each product and their app:


Cube-tastic! is the first product we will take a look at. Cube-tastic! develops many skills, including hand-eye, concentration, memory, focus and logic. The cube is rounded corners and a smooth surface, so that it is easy on the hands and making smooth movements. It was a fun and excellent product for both the children, and adults. There is an app available for Android and iOS to help solve the cube for those who might find it difficult. (we used the iOS app, and it was very easy to operate) Learn more about Cube-tastic! here.


A few guest comments were:

"The app is very helpful, my child is not frustrated that they can not solve the cube."

"Love the rounded corners and smooth texture."


This was one of the bigger hits with the kids, Ocean Pets was a combination of hands on playing with a mess-free putty to create a variety of fish and technology where the fish came to life and could be feed and played with. A virtual aquarium using Pai technology's augmented reality. The app took a little playing with to understand, but with the help of the adults the kids had it figured out in no time! The app was available for bot the iOS and Android, and did not require a lot of space to download considering the technology and  colorful graphics. Learn more about Ocean Pets here.


Guest comments were:

"Very easy to use, mold and clean up putty; mess-free!"

"How cool is the app with this? You can feed, play with the fish and have them move around."



AR Storybooks, "TJ and the Beanstalk" was a HUGE hit with both the kids and adults, specifically a mom-to-be. TJ and the Beanstalk made reading interactive, engaging and so much fun! The storybook pairs with an app, available on both iOS and Android, that creates a very unique, fun and interactive reading experience. Illustrations come to life in 360-degrees. The book comes with special AR coloring cards, that you can customize the character so the story; and even have a little extra fun with! (as you can see from the pictures below.) Learn more about TJ and the Beanstalk Storybook here.


Guest comments were:

"Look, it looks like I am touching TJ."

"Say, cheese! This is seriously a cool and fun book, I got to get this one for the baby."


Last product that we had the opportunity to share was the Circuit Conductor, another HUGE hit with the boys and their parents who attended our party. Where do I even start with this amazingly educational product? Well first off, it teaches the children about electricity, currents and magnets. There are 12 different electrical functioning circle shaped "blocks" that the children use along with a selection of cords to try out a variety of different ways to create circuits. Circuit Conductor requires an app (available for Android and iOS) to learn and problem solve in-game puzzles. The product focuses on concentration, creativity and hand-eye coordination to help achieve completion of each puzzle. Also in the package Is a white pad and LED fountain to help create the fun hands on puzzles. Learn more about the Circuit Conductor here.


One product that Pai Technology has that everyone was asking about was Augie- the Augmented Reality Coding Robot. Unfortunately, we were not selected to test out Augie, but if its anything as cool and fun as the other products, I would say that it's not going to let you down! You can learn more about Augie here.


We had a wonderful time at our "Play with Pai" ice cream party, learning how to turn our children's screen time into educational learning time; playtime for them! Before everyone left, we had a door prize for one lucky winner, Congratulations to Brittany Kelly winner of the Cube-tastic! door prize!


Pai Technology is currently holding a GIVEAWAY on Instagram, be sure to check it out!







You can learn more about Pai Technology products here.


Paid Technology products are currently on Sale (over 15% off) at Staples in sore and online.


Products are also available online at: Pai Technology, and Amazon.


Thank you Pai Technology and Tryazon for selecting Littlemanbun to host a "Play with Pai" Party! 

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